Topscan Pro - Mobile Phone Diag

Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Smart Diagnostic Tool

The TopScan Pro is a pocket-sized tool that turns a phone into a scan tool and keeps up with its users as they go beyond basic scans. Connect the TopScan to the OBD2 port and begin diagnosing through the tool's app. The TopScan excels at the fundamentals. Capable of reading and clearing fault codes, and supports 70+ different vehicle makes across American, Asian, and European vehicles.

The TopScan Pro provides a comprehensive maintenance knowledge base to quickly get started on auto repair jobs. Access 13 maintenance services, AutoVIN technology, vehicle performance testing, and even bidirectional control through your phone. Added benefits of the TopScan Pro include a full-system DTC Repair Guide and one-click I/M Readiness.

TopScan offers two versions: the Lite and Pro. Here at Diagnostic Connections, We only offer the Pro version. The TopScan Pro steps beyond the lite version by offering IMMO functionality and a total of 13 reset functions, including Injector Coding, Tire Pressure Reset, and Sunroof Initialization. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional technician, the TopScan has got you covered.

Product Support 

Due to the nature of the TOPSCAN Pro, being a device linked to a mobile phone device, we are not able to provide support directly for this model.

However there is a support section within the app which will take you to an online platform for support.

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