Topdon TC003 Infrared Thermographic Camera

TC003 - See More Than The Human Eye

The TC003 is a cutting-edge thermal camera that provides high-resolution thermal imaging to a wide audience. With its advanced features, the TC003 delivers high-quality imaging (256x192), exceptional temperature sensitivity (40mk), and unparalleled accuracy (down to 0.1℃). Additionally, the TC003 boasts a 5-inch touch screen, a 2-megapixel visible light camera for overlapping images, and temperature waveform graphing. The OTG function further expands the TC003's capabilities, enabling it to link to an endoscope for more specialized thermal work.
This versatile thermal imager is specially designed for maintenance and inspecting, providing accurate thermal imaging services to support various maintenance tasks, such as professional automotive repairs, HVAC systems, and protecting crops or livestock from predators.

Superior Image Quality with an IR Resolution of 256x192

The TOPDON TC003 infrared thermal camera boasts an ultra-high resolution of 256x192, providing superior image quality and clarity for your thermal imaging needs.
With its high-resolution capabilities, the TC003 can display thermal images of your target with exceptional detail. Making the TC003 an ideal tool for inspecting objects where surface temperature is difficult to distinguish, such as circuit boards and other electronics.

Highly Accurate Temperature Readings

The TC003's thermal imager is equipped with an impressive heat sensitivity of 40mk, allowing it to detect even the slightest temperature changes with precision and accuracy.
With its advanced thermal imaging capabilities, the TC003 can perform temperature detection with an error rate of ±2℃ or 2% of the maximum temperature and measure temperatures with an accuracy of up to 0.1℃. This ensures that you get reliable and accurate temperature readings every time.

Expanded Capabilities with OTG Functionality

The TC003 comes equipped with OTG (On-The-Go) functionality, which allows the tool to function as a host computer, expanding its capabilities beyond temperature reading and into your daily life. With OTG support, the TC003 can be used with a variety of external devices, such as endoscopes, oscilloscopes, and USB drives with storage functions, enabling additional functional expansion and solving a wider range of problems.

Optimized Testing Range

The TOPDON TC003 thermal camera offers an expansive thermal testing range that spans from -4°F to +1022°F (-20~550°C), allowing it to perform temperature readings in a wide variety of environments.
Whether you need to detect high temperatures in industrial settings or low temperatures in refrigeration systems, the TC003 has you covered.

4 Temperature Reading Modes

The TC003 comes with 4 different temperature detecting modes that allow you to take temperature readings in a dot format, a line (highest and lowest), a square plane (highest and lowest), or analyze the full camera view (center spot, highest and lowest).
Select up to 3 areas for each dimension, enabling you to read temperatures in multiple areas at once. Additionally, the pseudo color bar on the right side of the screen displays the highest and lowest temperatures of the targeted area, making it easy to identify temperature differences and hotspots.

4 Imaging Modes & 11 Palettes

The TC003 thermal camera is designed with both infrared and visible light dual camera modes, and supports 4 imaging modes for thermal analysis: visible light, thermal imaging, thermal fusion (which blends 50% of the visible light image to provide a clearer view of the object), and outline fusion (ideal for objects with surface temperatures that are difficult to distinguish).
In addition, this versatile tool offers 11 unique color palettes that allow users to customize the temperature display according to their preferences.

View Temperature Differences Easily

The TC003 thermal camera empowers users to set upper and lower limits to highlight the temperature of targeted areas. It features an intuitive color bar, allowing for easy swiping to select the temperature range you wish to highlight. When the temperature exceeds the set range, it is displayed in black and white colors, providing clarity when viewing temperature differences.
The TC003 thermal camera goes above and beyond most thermal cameras by providing clear images with greater detail. Users can adjust the image sharpness and contrast to make the field of view even clearer, making it easier to identify hotspots and temperature variations

Advanced Secondary Analysis - Unlock the Full Potential of Thermal Imaging

Perform advanced secondary analysis on saved thermal images to reveal the temperature of each pixel. This advanced infrared thermal camera now supports detailed analysis for saved thermal images in your gallery.
Swipe the color bar to highlight the desired temperature range, Read Dot, Line, and Plane temperatures on any pixel for in-depth analysis, Use this feature to gain a comprehensive understanding of thermal data.

Monitor Temperature Change by Waveform Graph

continuously measure the temperature of an area in dot, line, or plane format and store the data in the app. This data can provide you with the high and low temperatures of objects in the area over time, which can be used to generate a waveform graph. This feature is particularly useful for determining if a device is regularly overheating, and easily tracks temperature changes to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your equipment.

Durable and Resilient Thermal Camera

This device is designed to withstand drops up to 2 meters, making it highly durable and resistant to damage.
Additionally, it has overcharge protection, which prevents the battery from getting damaged or over heating.
The device's IP55 water and dust-resistant design means that it can withstand exposure to grime and humidity.

Hardware That Matters

* 800 x 480 resolution, the 5-inch touch screen
* Screw Hole (1/4-20 unc)
* Easily switch between landscape and portrait mode
* Low-light night vision lens
* Built-in Speaker
* Built-in flashlight
* Screen shot and screen recording functions
* Project temperature readings

Unparalleled Accuracy with Temperature Correction

Adjust for Ambient Temperature, Distance to Spot, and Emissivity with the TC003 Thermal Camera. An emissivity chart of common materials is available under Personal Information.
This function is especially helpful in situations where surfaces have different emissivity values, which can affect the accuracy of temperature readings.

Compatible with Windows Laptops

With the TCView software installed, the TC003 is fully compatible with Windows laptops. By connecting the TC003 to a laptop, users can test a wider range of areas using the dimensions selection (Point, Line, Surface).
The PC app also offers a vast selection of 99 color palettes, providing users with convenient customization options.

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