Topdon Phoenix Pro & OTOFIX D1 Bundle

Topdon Phoenix Pro - Inc 2 Years Updates

The Phoenix Pro serves as an all-in-one diagnostic tool. This advanced pro-level scanner stands apart from others with a full list of cutting-edge features, such as ECU online programming & coding, active tests, 21 most commonly-used service functions, with wide vehicle coverage. Its quality and technical support are all set to top-notch standards being highly-beneficial for experienced DIY'ers, automotive mechanics, and garage owners.

ECU coding & Programming:

The Phoenix Pro is capable of ECU Module programming for Mercedes, BMW, VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA, Porsche, Nissan & Jaguar/Land Rover, Subaru, Renault & Hyundai!!. A large database is kept on Topdons own servers for Online Programming & Coding. The development team are working hard on more exciting brands coming soon!!!

Extensive Coverage:

This exceptional OE-Level functionality diagnostic scanner is available for over 80 1996 US-based, 2000 European-based and newer OBD2 protocol vehicles with full OBD2 functions, 16 special services and full systems diagnoses

OTOFIX D1 with 1 years updatesBi-directional diagnostic tool with Live Data and Active Test Functions

OTOFIX D1 is a powerful Bi-directional diagnostic tool that provides one-stop solutions. Full system diagnosis, comprehensive service functions, active test and OE-level diagnosis and DTC analysis — you can do them all.

OTOFIX D1 All Systems in-depth Diagnostics Functions:

OTOFIX D1 perform complete systems diagnoses including functional tests, retrieve vehicle diagnostic information (error codes), freeze frame data and live data for various vehicle control systems (engine, transmission, ABS, etc.). OTOFIX provide its users with all the information important to a vehicle's health and in an accessible, easy to read way.

1)  Read/Erase Error Codes and show ECU information:

OTOFIX D1 can read and show the detailed specific information for the tested control unit, including unit type, version numbers.

Displays detailed information of DTC records retrieved from the ECU and erases DTC records and other data from the ECU.

2) Live Data:

Retrieves and displays live data and parameters from the test vehicle's ECU instead of preinstalled information.

3) Bi-directional Active Test/Actuator Test

This function can test specific subsystem and components. It’s also called Actuator Test or Function Test. Bi-directional Active Test allows OTOFIX D1 to interactively operate and test vehicle devices like: wipers, door controls, windows, a/c, engine fans, idle control etc. 

During the actuator test/active test, OTOFIX D1 outputs command to the ECU to control and drive the actuators, and then by reading the ECU data, and monitoring the operation of the actuators, such as switching an injector between two operating states to diagnose the integrity of the system or parts. (This option is used to access vehicle-specific subsystem and component tests. Available test varies by the vehicle manufacturer, year, and model.)

Manufacturers: TOPDON , OTOFIX
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