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Knowledge is power. More knowledge means higher sales.

Which work steps must be followed for a major service? Where exactly can components be found and how are they removed correctly? How are repairs carried out exactly in line with the manufacturer's specifications? Why does a certain engine always judder when it rains? HGS Data always has exactly the right answer for these questions and thousands more.

✓ The latest technical data
✓ Numerous practical tips and tricks
✓ Inspection plans for all major brands

Data flat rates for over 35,000 vehicle models

HGS Data is your essential interactive information database for everyday use. It is among the biggest databases worldwide and pays off from the very first day. Here you have quick and clear access to vehicle data, technical information, and of course a range of useful tips and tricks, which our experts have compiled for you from hundreds of thousands of support requests and solutions from other workshops. This enables everyone in the larger Hella Gutmann family to help each other out.

Best of all: Hella Gutmann provides all of this with no restrictions at a fixed monthly price. It's simple – with an HGS Data license you gain full access to all technical data, circuit diagrams, repair tips and much more. In order to enable parallel working, just one license provides you with two accesses. That means full access two times over, one yearly price, and no hidden extra costs.

Quick repair through symptom-based troubleshooting

The days of endless troubleshooting are over. HGS Data offers symptom-based solution proposals directly on the screen. The most frequent fault causes can be worked through step by step. The fault is tracked down and rectified in next to no time. If there is still no solution, our technical call centre is just a phone call away. With a call license you have access to brand experts, who will personally provide you with straightforward assistance on the phone.

Up close and personal with each model

Diagnosing and repairing modern vehicles is no longer possible without the latest technical data. HGS Data provides all relevant data for over 35,000 vehicles – and this figure is rising. With a clear display and intuitive user interface, as also used in our diagnostic units, workshops can achieve their objectives more quickly for each repair.

The range of technical data comprises all relevant areas such as the engine, engine cooling, engine control, electrical systems, wheel alignment, tightening torques, filling quantities, and toothed belt data.

Detailed plans enable inspections to be carried out exactly in line with manufacturer specifications. HGS Data provides you with inspection plans for all service-related components – including a link to the TecDoc-based parts catalogue with all relevant information on the component required.

An integrated print function also lets you print out all the data or selected data.

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