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With the capability to repair more than 40,000 individual vehicle models and counting, combined with state-of-the-art features, including PassThru® and Repair Plus, the mega macs range of vehicle diagnostic tools and data provide a complete fault-finding and repair solution.

Choosing mega macs makes good financial sense by improving workshop productivity and overcoming the need to invest in multiple diagnostic tools for comprehensive coverage of popular vehicle brands.



Defying convention. Shifting expectations.

The new and highly innovative mega macs X from Hella Gutmann is a revolution in vehicle diagnostics.

It’s the result of a complete rethink of what vehicle technicians really require – now, as well as in the future.

By isolating the core components of the diagnostic device and making each element fully customisable, mega macs X is an innovative solution that offers unparalleled flexibility. It allows independent workshops to keep pace with the continual advances in vehicle technology whilst also safeguarding against the rapid rate of obsolescence that often affects conventional diagnostic tools.

With no in-built display or keypad, the mega macs X connects wirelessly to your preferred external display and input device, whether a tablet, notebook or PC running Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Android.

A range of software options and accessories ensures the mega macs X provides the optimal diagnostic solution whatever your workshop requirements may be – now and as your needs grow.

Each software module offers varying degrees of functionality, from basic features to advanced capabilities. Simply choose the appropriate software module for your workshop’s current requirements and upgrade easily at any time, so you only pay for what you need.


With mega macs PC, Windows® users get full access to HGS Technical Data, which includes wiring diagrams, detailed ECU Pin out data, Service Schedules and symptom-based troubleshooting with repair guides for over 40,000 vehicle models.*

With our software-based solutions, any PC or Android tablet becomes a highly capable workshop diagnostic tool.

mega macs PC for Windows® and mega macs One for Android allow any compatible PC or tablet to be used as a powerful vehicle diagnostic device, with all the essential diagnostic functionality that today’s professional workshops require for fast and accurate fault-finding and repair.

Both mega macs PC and mega macs One are PassThru® ready, enabling the latest ECU firmware to be downloaded directly from the vehicle manufacturers’ websites and, with ADAS software included as standard, your PC or tablet can be used in conjunction with our award-winning CSC-Tool for the calibration of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS).

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The award-winning and highly accurate workshop solution for the calibration of camera and radar-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, radar-guided cruise control and lane departure warning are a common feature of many new vehicle models, and by 2022 up to 11 Advanced Driver Assist Systems will be mandatory on all new cars.

The cameras and radar sensors used by these complex electronic systems require precise and accurate calibration after many common maintenance tasks, including wheel alignment and axle geometry changes, as well as windscreen replacement and accident damage repair.

Hella Gutmann offers a range of professional ADAS calibration tools and accessories that allows independent workshops, glass replacement specialists and accident repair centres to calibrate camera and radar-based ADAS features to the same standards of accuracy as main dealer workshops.

ADAS CSC-Tool Digital

The CSC-Tool Digital revolutionises ADAS calibration.

Using a state-of-the-art ultra-short throw projector, the CSC-Tool Digital projects the required calibration target image in high resolution on to a 200cm screen – the largest of any ADAS calibration tool currently available – with none of the frequency flicker, screen reflection or manipulation of the OE target size associated with LCD displays.

Panels can be interchanged at the touch of a button, greatly reducing set-up time in comparison to conventional systems, and patented green line laser technology makes it quicker and easier to ensure absolute alignment of the vehicle’s camera or radar sensor using its rear axle (which determines the true thrust angle of a vehicle).

In addition to saving valuable workshop time, with no need to store physical target panels the CSC-Tool Digital saves workshop space too.

ADAS CSC-Tool Mobile

Designed for mobile technicians and smaller workshops, the CSC-Tool Mobile offers the same capabilities and accuracy as the CSC-Tool SE, in a compact and portable package.

Based on the CSC-Tool SE, our award-winning ADAS calibration tool, the CSC-Tool Mobile allows mobile technicians and workshops with limited space to precisely calibrate the ADAS features used by a wide range of vehicle manufacturers.

The CSC-Tool Mobile is engineered to ensure the same standards of accuracy as the standard version, yet with retractable mirrors, a clever collapsible chassis and folding calibration target panels, it can be easily transported and assembled in minutes.

Just like its static sibling, the CSC-Tool Mobile uses the vehicle’s rear axle (which determines the true thrust angle of a vehicle) as its reference point, ensuring absolute alignment of the vehicle’s camera or radar sensor with the calibration panel or radar panel, for results that meet vehicle manufacturer standards.

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