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GYS are the worlds leaders in battery maintenance, welding and car body repair.

GYS Battery support units are 100% made in-house by GYS and is the only choice for the majority of OEM’s. The range available for charging & maintenance of vehicle batteries cover 6V, 12V & 24V systems

The role of the battery in a vehicle is not limited to starting. It is the power supply for all electrical components essential for safety and comfort. The BSU (Battery Support Unit) is necessary for providing the required energy when the engine is off, especially during diagnostic phases or showroom vehicle demonstrations. The wide range of GYSFLASH PRO models caters for these requirements and offers multiple configurations to meet customer needs.

Diagnostics & Battery Maintenance

Failure of a single electronic component in one of the ECUs can lead to errors, such as overconsumption or lack of power. Locating an error and reprogramming the ECU will require a diagnostic check. This process will use all the electronics devices and can take several minutes or even hours. The energy is totally supplied by the battery and is likely to result in a complete discharge of the battery which he results can be damaging. This results in a full recharge and a test procedure to be repeated, which means a significant loss of time for the garage. A GYSFLASH PRO can provide up to 120 A to compensate and ensure successful analysis without damaging the battery.

Self-discharge or multiple starts are factors that can significantly reduce the life of a battery. A vehicle that is stationary for a long period or making short trips prevents the alternator from charging completely. Connecting a GYSFLASH PRO to maintain a battery is a valuable process. The connected versions (CNT) bring a real advantage with the traceability of each charge.

Heat Induction

Induction is a particularly efficient process for heating the core of the metal extremely quickly. There are many applications for Mechanics, body repair & general maintenance. This fast and precise heat transfer only acts on ferrous and aluminium components, therefore it casues no collateral damage to nearby rubber or plastic. The heat is extremetly localised and the absense of any flame improves safety in the work place.

GYSPOWERDUCTION range offers 4 levels  to suit you application.

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