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All Your Important Information in One Place

Technical Information is the most important asset any aftermarket garage can have. As with any service and repair procedure, having the detailed information on how, where, when and what to do is vital to the completion of any task.

Vehicles are now so complicated it is impossible to complete most tasks without some amount of research and technical information or even technical support. Currently garages have this technical information in different programs or media, which makes referencing the information quickly a difficult task. It could be held on a diagnostic tester itself, in a technical data program or the data may only be available via a dreaded “google search”.

This is where DD-TSB (Powered by AutoFrontal) information program will pay dividends to any garage or technical workshop. DD-TSB (Powered by AutoFrontal) acts like a dashboard on your PC and keeps all your important information in one place. Being easy to access and quick to locate, DD-TSB (Powered by AutoFrontal) saves significant time and gives the technician accurate, structured and valuable information.

VRM Lookup (Registration Number Search)

Ensuring you have the correct information and vehicle application is essential to correct repair and diagnosis.

With DD-TSB (Powered by AutoFrontal) all of this information can be viewed either manually or via VRM lookup meaning from a single VRM lookup Auto Frontal will search the database, select the correct vehicle, locate the correct service schedule, load the correct technical data, launch the diagnostic testers software and return results only pertaining to that vehicle.

Fault Codes

Auto Frontal is packed with over 170,000 fault code references each with and an explanation of fault and many with links to technical bulletins. With VRM lookup fault codes can be linked to the exact vehicle and the nature of the fault.

   Technical Bulletins

Held within DD-TSB (Powered by AutoFrontal) are over 4000 technical bulletins which can be quickly searched manually or by VRM. This enables technicians to quickly search for known faults. The contents of the bulletins cover a broad range of fields including:

  • Service related issues

  • Known faults and the remedies

  • Component replacement procedures

  • Fault code and warning light information

  • Guided diagnostics procedures

  • Component replacement procedures

  • Important warnings against pitfalls that could be costly to the garage


With the rate, technology is evolving in modern vehicles, tech support and technical bulletins are invaluable in every workshop.
We at DDTSB understand that knowledge is power, and with DDTSB your workshop has got access to the most powerful program on the market today. We love to share our knowledge and that’s why we made DDTSB as affordable and accessible as possible! And we cover almost all car brands that are common in Europe.
You can now benefit from the information we and our partners have been gathering since 2005. We work closely together with manufacturers, parts suppliers, and experts in the industry. If there is an issue with a certain model, system or part, we know about it and make a unique bulletin available so you know what to look for!
Save time, stress and money by using DDTSB in your workshop. Diagnose, fix and service cars faster and reduce the number of unnecessarily replaced parts and comebacks. Fix it right the first time!