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Our Product Range

With vast and continually updated system databases, the Bosch ESI[tronic] software and ECU tools enable you to control, diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and maintain your customers’ vehicles, whatever they drive.

The increasing number and complexity of vehicle systems and parts means that workshops require access to a wide range of knowledge. Our Bosch ESI[tronic] software and ECU tools identify virtually any vehicle model and provide you with comprehensive data for workshops.


The KTS 590 communication module ensures the most advanced ECU diagnosis for Ethernet-based (DoIP – Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) vehicle interfaces with features that will significantly enhance your workshop’s output.

With access to the latest measuring technology, technicians can efficiently test and measure all sensor and actuator signals, and quickly and effectively evaluate voltage, resistance and current. As the most up-to-date control unit around, it is the future-proofed choice.


The many innovative features of the KTS 560 diagnosis module will speed up your workshop operations, improve accuracy and enhance potential.

The module’s advanced, fully compliant PassThru interface enables easy reprogramming of vehicle manufacturer software, and the ability to run parallel diagnosis – the module can communicate with up to three CAN and K-Line interfaces simultaneously – means faster, more productive output. KTS 560 – it’s the way to boost diagnostic efficiency in your professional workshop.

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